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Against the best advice of fellow travelers, we went to Morocco without a tour guide.  Once we got there virtually every Moroccan we met offered to be our guide.  Over and over again.  As they followed us down the street.  And pulled at our jackets.  And yelled in our faces ... We enjoyed the trip, in spite of the Moroccan "hospitality."

The Moroccan side of the Ceuta-Morocco border.  We took a cab to Tetouan, the capital of northern Morocco.

What fascinated us most about Tetouan was the variety of clothing people wore.  Though there was plenty of modern western garb, many people dress in traditional styles.  These berber women wear the traditional hat called a domme

Women wearing caftans, and the traditional Moroccan vehicle.
We think it may be the prototype of the modern Mercedes (they're everywhere!)

The traditional Berber cool-weather robe for men, the selhame.

Mike and this gentleman really hit it off ... he was quite nice

At the Tetouan fish market

The Rif mountains