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Some Photos .....


I like this picture a lot.  It's from summer 1999, when Jon, Alexa & Courtney
                     visited Tiffany, Jessica & Tyler.

The DePaul Ladies' Supper Club at Kin's.  
We miss you Jenny & Jean!!

                    Feeling unchallenged in preschool,
                                      David embarks on a motivational
                                                 speaking career...

Christmas 1999 in Pennsylvania.  We all had fun.  Brrrr....


"Strappin' me in ... as if I could get out of this stinkin thing!"

                                 Occasionally Ben lets Mike up on the couch for a nap.

Little David

More scotch!

                                      Dad, Mr.Hudak and Uncle Bill  
                                at St. Tikhon's Monastery (Memorial Day, 1998)

Some pictures of how the house looked before the renovation


      Living room
 The origin of Mike's fear of shopping mall Santas.
               Louie's Christmas 2000 CD Cover     

Kingston Mines, January 2001     

My Valentines Day singing telegram.  Nothing says I love you quite like public humiliation.

David & Joan -- 50 Years!  December 16, 2000.