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Cynthia A. Butler, Ph.D.


   DePaul University, Chicago, Illinois
   Ph.D. in Clinical-Community Psychology, June 2001
      Dissertation: A Qualitative Study of HIV Sexual Risk Behaviors Among Female Street Youth
          (Chair: Gary W. Harper, Ph.D., M.P.H.)
   M.A. in Clinical-Community Psychology, with Distinction, June 1998
      Thesis: Inhalant Abuse Among Semi-rural In-School Adolescents:  A Test of Problem Behavior Syndrome.  
          (Chair: Leonard Jason, Ph.D.)
      Grade Point Average: 3.83/4.0

   University of Maryland UC, College Park, Maryland
   B.S. in Psychology, May 1994
   Grade Point Average: 4.0/4.0

   Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona
   B.S. in Business, May 1988

Honors and Society Memberships

   Fellow, Institute for Psychoanalysis, Chicago, Illinois
   M.A. Conferred with Distinction, DePaul University
   American Psychological Association Student Affiliate
   American Psychological Society Student Affiliate
   American Evaluation Association Student Affiliate
   Society for Community Research and Action
   Psi Chi Psychology Honor Society, President of University of Maryland Chapter
   Dean's List, University of Maryland

Clinical Experience

   Northwestern University Medical School
   Department of Psychiatry
   Chicago, Illinois
   Postdoctoral Fellow July 2001 to Present
   Predoctoral Intern July 2000 to June 2001
   Predoctoral Internship duties included providing supervised individual/couples/goup psychotherapy, crisis therapy, and psychodiagnostic     assessment through Northwestern Memorial Hospital's Stone Institute of Psychiatry.   Currently co-leading a support group for women
    living with HIV/AIDS through the NMH HIV/AIDS Clinic and completing a Specialty Rotation in the treatment of severe and persistent
    mental illness through the Stone Institute's Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program.
    Supervisors:  Lucy Freund, Ph.D.
                 John Freidman, Ph.D.
                 Jodi Burg, Ph.D.
                 Niquie Dworkin, Ph.D.
                 Barbara Muday
                 Katherine Edstrom, Ph.D.
                 Katherine Uphoff, Ph.D.

   Ravenswood Hospital Medical Center, Chicago, Illinois
   Emergency Department, Crisis Office
   Crisis Counselor June 1997 to June 2000
    Duties included performing crisis evaluation, mental status examination, risk assessment, and diagnosis of child and adult emergency
    room patients in consultation with the emergency room physicians; providing clinical report to admitting psychiatrists, facilitating
    psychiatric hospitalization through third-party insurers; providing crisis counseling to emergency room patients and walk-ins; performing
    telephone intake for the Ravenswood Community Mental Health Center; training medical residents and psychology students inall aspects     of crisis work.
    Supervisor: Lawrence M. Craven, Ph.D.

   Ravenswood Community Mental Health Center, Chicago, Ilinois
   Part-Time Staff Therapist June 1998 to June 2000
    Performing intake assessments, providing supervised individual and couples psychotherapy to adults and children, primarily Spanish-    speakers.    
    Supervisor: Lawrence M. Craven, Ph.D.

   Ravenswood Community Mental Health Center, Chicago, Illinois
   Psychology Extern July 1996 to June, 1997
   Advanced therapy practicum in Adult Outpatient Program.  The Center serves an ethnically and socioeconomically diverse community
   and patients present with a wide range of Axis I, Axis II, and dual diagnoses.  Clinical responsibilities:  provided supervised psychotherapy
   to individuals and couples (to both Spanish- and English-speaking patients) based on a 20-session model; co-led a 12-week cognitive-
   behavioral group on depression; provided crisis counseling and crisis evaluation of emergency room patients through the Ravenswood
   Hospital Crisis Office; performed telephone intake screening and clinical diagnostic intake sessions.
    Group Supervisor:  David Greenberg, Ph.D.
    Crisis Supervisor:  Lawrence M. Craven, Ph.D.
    Individual Supervisor:  Leigh Chethik, Ph.D.

   DePaul Community Mental Health Center
   and University Counseling Services, Chicago, Illinois
   Student Therapist September 1994 to June 1996
   Performed diagnostic assessment and supervised psychotherapy with university students, children, and families.
   Primary Supervisors: Reinaldo Matias, Ph.D. (1994-95); Kathryn Grant, Ph.D. (1995-96)
   Assessment Supervisor: Connie Bernt, Psy.D. (1995-1996)

   Mary Crane Afterschool Program (Casa II), Chicago, Illinois
   Conflict Resolution Education Group Co-Leader September 1995 to June 1996
   Developed and implemented a conflict resolution curriculum for 9 to 11 years olds at the Chicago Housing Authority's Lathrop Homes.  
   Supervisor: Gary Childrey, Ph.D.

   Mary Crane Daycare Center, Chicago, Illinois
   Child Therapy Group Co-Leader September 1994 to June 1994
   Conducted play therapy for 6 kindergarten children selected for a group in consultation with the teachers.  Therapy usually consisted
   of a combination of psychotherapy and social skills development.  Supervisor:  Gary Childrey, Ph.D.

Research and Community Consultation Experience

    Neon Street Youth Study
    DePaul University, Chicago, Illinois
   Research Coordinator June 1997 to June, 1998
A study with Dr. Gary Harper in conjunction with Neon Street Services, a community-based organization serving homeless youth.  Using both qualitative and quantitative data, the study examined the relationships between contextual factors such as coping, social support and world assumptions, and HIV sexual risk-taking behaviors among Chicago-area homeless youth.

   Mujeres Latinas en Acción (MLEA), Chicago, Illinois
   Program Evaluation Consultant, July, 1996 to June, 1997
Wrote proposal and received funding for the development of outcome evaluation tools for MLEA's Parent Support, Sexual Assault and Latina Leadership Programs.  Trained staff in the analysis and interpretation of evaluation results, which they continue to perform independently.

   Policy Research Action Group
   Loyola University, Chicago, Illinois
   Program Evaluation Research Intern September 1994 to June 1995
Working with the staff and families of Uptown Habitat for Humanity Chicago, designed and executed an evaluation of Uptown's effectiveness in meeting the goals of its mission statement.  The results of the evaluation were used by the affiliate's Board in modifying its approach to homeownership in multi-unit buildings.

   Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
   Department of Psychiatry, Bethesda, Maryland
   Research Assistant August 1993 to June 1994
           Primary research assistant responsible for launching a complex protocol examining attentional differences in twins.
           Responsibilities included performing analysis of pilot data, assisting in protocol design and grant management.  Also
           assisted in the development of a grant proposal investigating the physiological effects of alcohol and heritability of alcoholic

   National Institute of Mental Health
   Laboratory of Psychology and Psychopathology, Bethesda, Maryland
   Special Volunteer August 1993 to June 1994
Responsibilities included assisting in running subjects in electrophysiological studies of sedative response and participating in lab meetings in connection with the USUHS study of attentional differences in twins.

   University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland
   Independent Study, September 1993 to June 1994
Designed and conducted an original study examining the relationship between English language proficiency and psychosocial stress among Latino immigrants.

    Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
   Department of Medical and Clinical Psychology, Bethesda, Maryland
   Research Assistant May 1993 to August 1993
           Worked on two NIDA-funded drug studies.  Responsibilities included organizing large sets of data and developing a
           database, screening and running subjects.

   University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland
   Undergraduate Research Assistant September 1991 to June 1992
Assisted two graduate students in back-translation of instruments and served as an interpreter during data collection for two mental health studies involving Latino adolescents.

   Coopesuiza, R.L., LaSuiza de Turrialba, Costa Rica
   Peace Corps Volunteer July 1988 to November 1990
Designed and executed an evaluation of the cooperative's service delivery system, provided feedback to board members regarding the unique needs of the coffee farming community.

Presentations & Publications

Griffith, D., Butler, C., Choe, J., Parrish-Jonen, L., Shlaes, J., Watts, R., & Robinson, W.L. (manuscript in preparation).  Community psychologists as consultants: A training agenda.

Butler, C. & Harper, G. (manuscript in preparation).  Challenges to theory-based HIV  prevention with street youth.  

Davis, T., Davis, M.I., & Butler, C. (1999, October).  Walking a Tightrope: Balancing Research, Community and Government Objectives in Evaluation.  Symposium presented at the Annual Midwest ECO Conference, Downers Grove, IL.

Harper, G., Butler, C., & Miller, M. (1998, September).  HIV prevention for homeless  youth: Contexts of condom use.      In G. Harper (Chair), Culture and Context in HIV Prevention.  Symposium presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Psychological Association, San Francisco, CA.

Harper, G., Butler, C., & Miller, M. (1998, June).  Homeless Youth and HIV: The Context of Risk Behavior.  Poster session presented
at the 12th World Aids Conference, Geneva, Switzerland.

Butler, C. & Harper, G. (1997, November).  Homeless Adolescent Health Care: Needs, Access and Utilization.  In M. Robertson.  Homeless youth: Issues, needs and access.  Symposium presented at the American Public Health Association Annual Meeting and Exposition.  Indianapolis, IN.

Griffith, D., Butler, C., Choe, J., Parrish-Jonen, L., Shlaes, J., Watts, R., & Robinson, W.L. (1997, August).  Training Community Consultants.  Poster session presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Psychological Association, Chicago, IL.

Butler, C. & Shlaes, J. (1996).  Defining program goals and objectives: A workbook for community organizations.  Chicago, IL:
Mujeres Latinas en Acción.

Griffith, D., Butler, C., Choe, J., Parrish-Jonen, L., Shlaes, J., Watts, R., & Robinson, W.L. (1996, May).  A Training Agenda for Community Consultation.  Poster session presented at the Annual Meeting of the Midwest Psychological Association, Chicago, IL.

Butler, C. (1997, May).  Contextual Factors Affecting HIV Sexual Risk Behaviors.  In G. Harper (Chair), HIV Infection and Young People: Prevention and Intervention.  Symposium presented at the Annual Meeting of the Midwest Psychological Association, Chicago, IL.        

Butler, C. (1996, October).  Building research relationships with community-based organizations.  In G. Harper (Chair), Working with Community Based Organizations.  Symposium presented at the Annual Midwest ECO Conference, Monticello, IL.

Butler, C., Finney, J., Ferrari, J. & Sakurai, D. (1995, May).  The Habitat for Humanity Homeowner Experience.  Poster session presented at the Convention of the Society for Community Research and Action, Chicago, IL.

Butler, C. & Kronheim, S. (1994, July).  English Proficiency as a Mediator of Psychosocial Stress in Latino Immigrants.  Poster session presented at the Sixth Annual Convention of the American Psychological Society, Washington, D.C.

Teaching Experience

   DePaul University, Chicago, Illinois
   Methods of Psychological Inquiry (Psy 241)
   Part-Time Faculty Fall 1996 to Winter 1997              
   Teaching Assistant Winter 1995 to Spring 1996

   DePaul University, Chicago, Illinois
   Psychology Undergraduate Internship Course
   Teaching Assistant Fall 1995 and Winter 1996

   Spanish Catholic Adult Education Center
   English as a Second Language Program, Washington, D.C.
   Level Coordinator May 1991 to June 1994
Instructor and level coordinator for ESL classes.  Primary responsibilities included curriculum development, teacher training and supervision.

Language Skills

   Fluent in written and oral Spanish (1990 Foreign Service Institute rating: 3+)